Victoria Green Named Saratoga Soundtrack Member Of Note 2023


Vicky is our behind-the-scenes gal extraordinaire. She has worked tirelessly to take care of all the paperwork for our regional contest and vocalfest, keeping track of our room registrations and financial payments. Her organization with tons of deadlines and paperwork enables us to compete. She's always available to answer questions and is sure that the newbies are taken care of. Vicky is also a coach liaison taking care of whatever coaches may need when visiting a chorus .She keeps track of programs, certificate and news articles in binders so our chorus history can be shared and not forgotten. She recently served on our management team as chorus secretary. During Covid she took on the extra paperwork and responsibilities involved with keeping the members safe at rehearsals. Her dedication to Saratoga Soundtrack is exemplary. We are proud to have Vicky as our member of November 2023.